What is residential window tinting?
There are many ways to do residential window tinting, but the tinting technique of choice involves the application of a state of the art coat of film to your home’s windows. These special films can fulfill a variety of important functions, whilst also improving the overall aesthetic of your beautiful Las Vegas home. Residential window tinting can upgrade your home’s privacy, comfort, security, market value and more.

Relax more with increased privacy and security
Our residential window tinting will not only provide you and your family with increased daytime privacy in your Las Vegas home, it will also add a layer of protection to your windows, making it harder for criminals to break and enter. Because our special tint will make it impossible to see into your home during the day, the contents of your house will be kept secret from prying eyes.

Protect your family and furniture against harmful UV rays
Residential window tinting only lets a small percentage of the sun’s rays through your windows and reflects the harmful ones that are known to damage furniture, floors and most importantly, human skin, protecting the irreplaceable contents of your home and the health of your family.

Keep cool and save money on energy
Our residential window tinting stops 70% of solar heat from entering your house. That means a cooler interior for your Las Vegas home, less energy spent on air conditioning and an overall decrease in your family’s monthly expenses. It also reduces glare, which will improve your television watching experience.

How can I upgrade my home with residential window tinting?
Contact us for a quote and to arrange an extensive discussion of your Las Vegas home’s tinting needs and requirements. Upgrade your home (and your peace of mind) today.

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