What is residential security film?
Residential security film application is a state of the art safety technique that protects your family and your possessions, by reinforcing your home’s most vulnerable entry points (your windows) with a powerful safety film. This polyester film strengthens and adds protective layers to your residential property’s windows without excessively darkening them or preventing the entry of sunlight into your Las Vegas home.

Protect your family against home invasions
Home invasions in Las Vegas are on the rise. Residential security film increases the time and effort it takes criminals to break your home’s windows tremendously, giving you a chance to call emergency services, vacate your property and get your family to safety in the case of a home invasion.

Protect your possessions and your personal information
Criminals who break into homes seldom plan on staying long. Their plan is usually to smash and grab; their targets being homes with expensive televisions, tech, jewellery and computers. They want your valuables and your information!
Our residential security film will strengthen all quick entry points in your home and stop home invaders in their tracks, preventing financial damage through theft and potential further loss by means of identity theft.

Improve your safety in case of disasters
The biggest cause of death and injury during man-made or natural disasters are flying shards of glass. Your windows can be turned into thousands of deadly projectiles by the impact of hurricanes, earthquakes, explosions and other large-scale, destructive events. Ensure your windows protect your family, rather than endanger them, by installing residential security film in your home.

How can I protect my home with residential security film?
Contact us for a quote and to arrange an extensive discussion of your home’s security needs and requirements. Upgrade your home security (and your peace of mind) today.

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