What is commercial window tinting?
There is a myriad of ways to do commercial window tinting, but our most effective tinting technique will involve the application of a state of the art coat of film to the windows of your businesses or commercial properties. These special films will accomplish a variety of important functions, whilst also improving the overall aesthetic and reputation of your booming Las Vegas business. Commercial window tinting will also upgrade the productivity and overall work satisfaction of your employees.

Increased comfort and increased productivity
Adding commercial tinting to the windows of your Las Vegas business might just change the way that your company operates in the future. Commercial window tinting will decrease glare on computers screens and the temperature inside the office, which will make for a more comfortable and productive workforce. This will also increase the overall reputation of your business, making it a place where new and old employees will want to work.

Increased safety and security
Our commercial window tinting does not only make office buildings look great from the outside, it also adds a strong layer of protection to windows, decreasing theft and possible employee injuries in case of windows breaking. It also protects windows from cracks, which will increase the aesthetic longevity of your commercial property’s windows and save you money.

Save energy and save money
Commercial window tinting will stop up to 70% of solar heat from entering your Las Vegas Business. That means less energy spent on air conditioning, less strain on your computers and servers, and an overall decrease in the monthly overheads of your business.

How can take my business to the next level with commercial window tinting?
Contact us for a quote and to arrange an extensive discussion of your Las Vegas commercial property’s tinting needs and requirements. Upgrade your business (and your peace of mind) today.

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